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Where do you buy your yarn?

Here in my hometown Papendrecht I can buy yarn for my creations at different stores. I can choose from Zeeman, Action and Xenos, stores which sell cotton and acrylic yarn among all other things they sell. Generally of reasonable quality and price, and you can make some fun projects with it. Sometimes stores as Trekpleister and Kruidvat sell yarn as well, but I have never bought their yarn. I have made the Toadstools Ama and Nita from acrylic yarn of Zeeman. 



I also buy yarn at craft fairs such as the KreaDoe. They have nice offers at  almost every stand. Most of the time I buy cotton from Yarn and Colors. Nice cotton to crochet with. But if I need skin-color cotton I buy Scheepjes Catona nr. 263. I also bought some cotton online, at Yoursz, for example.



On holiday and shopping in another city, I tend to buy some skeins, for example at De Boekenvoordeel, or lately at Søstrene Gene in Rotterdam. I buy just 1 or 2 skeins: just in case!

In the meantime I have built myself a little stock of yarn. :)

Harald the Frog I made of cotton yarn from Søstrene Gene. 



BUT for about more than 2 years we have a real yarn store in Papendrecht: De Breiwinkel! (The Knitting Shop)



The Breiwinkel of Sacha Kroek-Prinsen is the arts and crafts store of Papendrecht, below Zipp Mode, behind town hall at the Meent. In the Breiwinkel you will find all the products you need to make beautiful creations: from yarn to knit and to crochet with, till haberdashery, embroidering materials, safety eyes, buttons and patterns from brands such as Lammy Yarns, DMC, Gütermann and Prym! Regularly they organise workshops. 



The Breiwinkel sells yarn of Lammy Yarns. I’ve made several projects with Lammy Yarns Rio and Hawaï, and the mixed Rio. Rio is cotton yarn of a good quality and a good price. I love to crochet with it. And they have yarn in abundance!



The brother of Harald the Frog was made with the mixed Rio. The hat, ear warmer and the heart of cheese of the Mice Val ’n Tine, the phone cosy of Harry Potter are made of Lammy Yarns Hawaï. The Fat Lady is also crocheted with Lammy Yarns bought at the Breiwinkel. 



So, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood of Papendrecht, pay a visit to the Breiwinkel!




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