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From idea to creation Part 3

How do I turn the ideas in my head into real creations? It is always something different that inspires me. So almost each creation will be designed in a different way than the other.

Without inspiration I can not make a creation. Inspiration can come in many different ways.


On vacation in Noord-Holland. I was born in Maarssen, I grew up in Den Helder and I am living in Papendrecht for almost 23 years. No, I hadn’t heard of Papendrecht before. (It is close to Dordrecht, in Zuid-Holland.) But once a year I have to go back to the sea, to smell it, to hear it and to see the beach.

So we were on vacation in Noord-Holland, near the sea. On a fair in Schagen there was a salesman wit hall kinds of yarn, and the fluffy looking yarn was calling me….



It was Grizzly from Scheepjes and for €1,00 per skein, just a steal. So I bought 5 skeins of a light grey. No inspiration yet, but I had to have them. 


During this holiday we went to the beach, we visited Den Helder, and I did a little bit of crocheting: the CAL of Echtstudio Amigurumidag. Once in a while a took a look at the skeins of fluffy yarn.

Once at home I knew what I wanted to make: a raccoon. On the world wide web I found a nice picture of a real raccoon, I wanted to recreate.

Crocheting with this kind of fluffy yarn is a challenge. You can not see the stitches and your work can not be too thight. So the raccoon had the be a cuddly stuffed animal.



With a lot of stitchmarkers, starting over and over again, and making some parts of cotton yarn, I created a nice and fun looking raccoon. But how would I name him? The inspiration for his name came when I went to a Kiss concert in Rotterdam, together with my eldest son and my brother. There is no better name than Gene!!


Like Scheepjes Grizzly inspired me to make Gene the Raccoon, the same way did Zeeman Cotton inspire me to make the Mice Val ’n Tine.

I made the Hygge CAL, but didnt want to spend too much, so I made the Hygge CAL with Zeeman Cotton grey as main color. It came out very nice!

I had some skeins I didn’t use in the Hygge CAL. Hmmm, what or who is grey?



A mouse! You know what, I make two mice who can’t live without eachother. And they lived happily ever after!


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