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From idea to creation Part 2

How do I turn the ideas in my head into real creations? It is always something different that inspires me. So almost each creation will be designed in a different way than the other.

Without inspiration I can not make a creation. Inspiration can come in many different ways. 


The inspiration to create Douwe Dabbert.



I very much like the works, paintings and drawings, of Anton Pieck and Rien Poortvliet, two Dutch artists. The drawings of the Efteling and the trolls are amasing! I would have loved to work for the Efteling when I was a little girl….. Also watching movies as The Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story are very inspiring. Or what about Disney cartoons, movies or comicbooks, such as Douwe Dabbert! (Douwe Dabbert is a Dutch comicbook figure). From the moment the story of Douwe Dabbert appeared in the Dutch Donald Duck comicbook, I was hooked. I am a fan of this little odd old man, with his magical knapsack, who always ends up in strange adventures. My most favorite story of Douwe Dabbert is: The witches of the day before yesterday.

I already made Douwe Dabbert from clay, with a body partly made of clay and partly made with textile. But I had to make a crocheted one too!

Again I started with the head. I designed a head with a little bit thicker cheeks. The head can be shaped further, for instance, to pull the eyes more inward or to make a mouth.



Douwe Dabbert is a small, a bit chubby, little man, so his body has to be small and chubby as well. For him I made a frame with electricity wire, to put in his body, as well, so he can stand on his own. Douwe Dabbert has 4 fingers at each hand. His coat makes him look more chubby. I made his beard from acrylic yarn, which I brushed with a catbrush. After sewing his beard on his face I gave his beard a good trim. A little branch for his knapsack from the garden and Douwe is ready to head out into the world in search of new adventures. :)



The body of Douwe Dabbert was the beginning of developing a body to use for more of my creations, every time with a few changes.  Like The Funny Guy! and Penny La Fleur, all with 3 fingers and 1 thumb. And there are at least 3 creations in my head to be created! 

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