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Franklin Forge: Yes, she's got 2 legs...!


Hi everyone, again a note from Franklin!



As I told you last week, another new pattern of Claudia was released. It is Joni the Hippie Elf. Joni loves to dance barefoot on music! She likes to visit music festivals! Her favorite critters are ladybugs. As you see they are also fond of Joni and her sunflower hat. Did you all see the cool picture of the 3 different  Joni's which the ladies who tested the pattern made? Fun, huh!!



And you will not believe it, but this week a new pattern will be released again. A little lady and again it is not my girlfriend! This little lady was designed a while back and it is now the right time to show her to the world. I think she is a nice little lady. I'm curious what you think of her.



Claudia is also busy with preparations for a CAL! I first had to ask her: what is a CAL?? Turns out it just means "crocheting together". So there will be a new pattern, but this time you are crocheting this all together! Perhaps it is time I learn how to crochet myself!



Last week was World animal day and as I predicted it was a mad bunch over here  with all the animals. It got a little out of control when they all went to play hide and seek. Gene the Raccoon got stuck in the Flowerpot House of mole and mouse! It took a while before we had released him again! One of the dogs came to help him. Fortunately nobody got injured!



Speaking of injuries: Claudia’s youngest son was involved in a scooter accident last week and now his left leg is in a cast, because he has broken his ankle. It was so hectic here at home last week, that I noticed Claudia had less time to crochet and design. And how ironic, she has just completed the two legs of my future girlfriend! Completely without any fractures, ha-ha!  I just have to wait, when those two beautiful legs will be followed by a body, and hands and arms, oh yeah and also a head! Did I mention, I hardly can’t wait?



Greetings of Franklin

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