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Franklin Forge: She is so soft!

Franklin here, with the latest news of CB's Creations!



Did you all see the Give Away of CB’s Creations at the Facebook group Crochet Friends? The group celebrated its 3 year anniversary and organized all fun puzzles, Give Aways and the start of a Cal. There were very many nice comments and Claudia has made some winners happy with cute patterns.



If I’ve heard it correctly, there will be a new pattern release very soon, but I won’t tell what it is. Okay, it's a lady and very colorful, but I will say nothing more! And it’s not my future girlfriend! A sneak peek will follow soon!


Soon it will be Halloween (October 31st), a Festival in which children dress up and go door to door when it is dark. In exchange for some sweets they will scare the people who open the door! This year I will put on a very scary costume and will scare the xxx out of everybody who dares to ring the bell!



CB's Creations has some nice Halloween creations also; take a look at the Jumping Jack Halloween and Halloween Funnies. Especially those Funnies are so funny!



But first, before Halloween, it will be 4 October: World animal day. Did you know that in 1929 the first official World animal day was celebrated? The animal caboodle over here will have a big party. And I would advise to follow the Facebook page of CB's Creations, because I think, there will be a nice animal day discount!



And now some news about my girlfriend! 

Between all other activities which keep her very busy,  Claudia is very busy working on my girlfriend. I also see her frog a lot! When she was not at home, I secretly looked at the skeins of yarn. She will be so soft!! I like her colors too! Sigh, I can't wait!



Greetings from Franklin

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