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Halloween CAL 2019

The Halloween CAL has come to an end. A super nice CAL, of course in a super great group: Crochet Along with CB's Creations. And what a lot of Witches were made! The one even more beautiful, funnier or scarier than the other! It’s great to see all that enthusiasm!

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If you ever have read my previous blogs then you know that I can be inspired by everything. Before I started to design Amigurumi's, I already made creations modeled from clay and wood pulp. The clothes were often sewn, but sometimes I also crocheted the clothes. My first designing!

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IJsbrand the Bear

My first own CAL is finished! This was my third CAL, but the other 2 were organized by I CAL Knuffels and Haak Met Ons Mee. Then a lot of tasks will be taken care of by the administrators of those groups. This one I organized myself. Fortunately, I had help from my test crocheters Wilma, Martine and Marion. Again: thank you!

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Who taught you to crochet?

Regularly I see this question on Crochet groups. A lot of the ladies and gentlemen taught themselves from books and instructions from YouTube. Others were taught at school or by family members, mostly their mother or grandmother.

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