Tribute to my pattern testers!

pattern testers

Tribute to my pattern testers!


All creations you see here in this blog are crocheted by my pattern testers!


Have I ever told you I'm happy with my pattern testers? I'm sure I have! But let me say it again: I am so happy with my pattern testers!!


Grapjurk Marion
Grapjurk Wilma
Grapjurk Martine


Good pattern testers point out your typing and counting errors, your spelling, but also whether it is clear what you have written down. Whether it's not more convenient to write it down differently or clarify it with extra photos. Good pattern testers are an important part of my designs!


Wick Martine
Xander Marion
Vince Wilma

I'm someone who likes to make a schedule, if I design a pattern then it doesn't have to be tested within a week, because I actually want to have the pattern in my shops yesterday. I take the time for my designs and the time to market them. I'll give that time to my pattern testers, too.


Because they too are ladies who, like me, have a life besides crocheting. We have known each other for quite some time now and speak each other regularly, not only about crocheting and designs, but also about the things that keep us busy and happen to us in life. We didn't look for each other either, but we found each other! They showed their enthusiasm for my patterns and one thing led to another.


Strand en Zee Wilma
Noelle Martine
Pedr Marion

Testing is also not an obligation, it should be fun. If they don’t have the time, or don’t want to test at that moment, no problem! I always have so much time between the moment I have finished a design and the moment I think it is the right time to put the pattern in my shop, that all the ladies have crocheted it all anyway.


The thing I like the most is to see the pictures of the progress! They use a different yarn or a different colour, I always get happy with the result. Sometimes I think: "Why didn’t I think of that!"  Each pattern tester has its own style, so you can see the possibilities of a pattern!


Bloempothuis Marion
Heksenlaars Martine
Merri Wilma

Yes, I am very happy with my pattern testers!

Thank you so much Marion, Martine and Wilma! What would I do without you?!!


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