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Halloween Crochet Along

The Halloween CAL has come to an end. A super nice CAL, of course in a super great group: Crochet Along with CB's Creations. And what a lot of Witches were made! The one even more beautiful, funnier or scarier than the other! It’s great to see all that enthusiasm!


I tell you all about what a Crochet Along is, in this blog: What is a Crochet Along?


This year I set up the CAL slightly different from last year, the one with IJsbrand the Bear. I used the learning moments of last year and compiled them into a comprehensive information and rules list.


Since my husband and I went on vacation later than normal this year and I still wanted to start in time with the Halloween CAL I decided to divide the CAL in 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks we would make 2 witches. The extra part, the cat and the cooking pot, was reserved for the active members. With a week of extra time to show the 2 witches to receive the extra part, I thought it must be doable.


Halloween CAL Marion
Halloween CAL Martine
Halloween CAL Wilma

Witches and a cat!

And I was right! There are a lot of pictures posted of the little Witch Lila and Grandma Witch Violet. The picture shown above are from the Marion, Wilma and Martine, they tested the pattern for me.

Sometimes the broom of witch Violet was forgotten in the picture, but witch Violet cannot do without her broom! Due to the bad autumn weather it was not always possible to look outside for a twig to make the broom. But with a little bit of creativity, super cute brooms were made, from satay sticks, to a liquorice stick and ready-made brooms. One witch even had a super big broom from the local hardware store!


If you are not able to crochet along right now, you still have the pattern to make 2 complete witches at the end of the CAL. Which can also do very well as a Halloween decoration without cat and cooking pot! 


It is still possible to post a photo of the 2 witches to get the extra part until Wednesday October 16th. Then I stop sending out the extra part. Did you miss a part, never mind! The pattern is also for sale.


Spookje BOOH!

Little Ghost Booh!

From the posted photos of the 2 witches, the admin-team picked a number of sweet, funny or scary witches. The creators of those witches won the pattern of little ghost BOOH!


There were so many witches to choose from, that it was a tough job!!


Crochet Along with CB's Creations

In the FB group Crochet Along with CB's Creations you will find an Album with super cute collages of the witches. Specially made by Martine De Schepper. Go and take a look, there are still collages being posted!


I just want you to see this; 2 fun video's made by Myriam Wilmsen of her witches: 


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