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Welkom namens Claudia

A warm welcome for all new followers and members!


Nederlands und Deutsch:



New followers of my Facebook page and new members in the Facebook group Crochet Along with CB's Creations have been added! I'm glad you're here! I'm Claudia, the face behind CB's Creations, the creator of Franklin Forge and the rest of the family!


I've been crocheting since I was a little girl, but I've done and tried a lot of other hobbies in all this time.  I really get my inspiration from everywhere. I also wrote a blog series about that, I will post the link below, if you like to read it.



Head full of ideas 


My head is often so full of ideas, I have to write them down regularly or my head will explode! Some ideas cannot wait and they need to be worked out. Then there's nothing else to do then draw, design and crochet.


What I really like lately is taking pictures of my creations in nature. Together with my husband going out for a walk, bag with the chosen creation(s) with me and choosing nice places to take pictures.


    Muis Piep
    Franklin in de boom

    Picture of myself


    I also thought it was time for a new picture of myself. I won't be the only one who thinks she's never looks good in a picture. I sometimes ask my husband to take a picture, but he is busy with the settings for so long that it makes me impatient and then I am in the photo  with my mouth open again! 😂


    A while ago I got to know Ella de Boer from Creatie in Beeld Fotografie through my work. I asked her to take pictures of me. And I love them, even if I say so myself! So you'll see a new picture of me every now and then!


    Welcome again! I'm glad you're here!



    PS: want to read more? ;)



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