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On the paths, the avenues!

Om the paths the avenues

“On the paths, the avenues…”. Outside taking pictures of my creations.


As you could read in my blog "A day at the beach", I took some creations with me on my  holiday to take pictures of them.

I not only took pictures on the beach but also in other nice spots. How about the seagulls on the bollards I encountered?



Mouse Piep at the Veluwe


Early last year I was asked to make a design for the YLA box (the Dutch Crochet subscription box), Mouse Piep. My husband and I happened to have a weekend planned on the Veluwe and Muis Piep joined us. Franklin, too, wormed his way into my bag to go out with me. The first day we had was some cloudy weather, but it have become quite nice pictures.


The second day we took pictures of Mouse Piep in the forest. Fortunately the weather was good and sunny. I took an extra plastic bag with me so my knees wouldn’t get wet, kneeling on the ground. It was wonderfully quiet. There were very few people outside.


But as you can see, my husband sometimes takes a picture of me, in action! Struggling with crooked surfaces or a branch that’s in the way!

Franklin on the Veluw
Mouse Piep
Action picture Claudia

In the garden of my parents


I also took pictures of my creations at my mother’s garden this summer. My mother and father have a lovely garden with beautiful flowering plants. You have automatically happy and colorful pictures!


Vince in the garden



In this neighborhood we have the Alblasserbos. The Alblasserbos is located in the southwest of the Alblasserwaard between Papendrecht, Oud-Alblas and Wijngaarden. This so-called polder forest was built 25 years ago by human hands and in the meantime has grown into a beautiful mature forest with beautiful thick trees. A nice place to walk and to take pictures of some creations.


This time my Mushrooms Gnome, the mushrooms Ama and Nita and Ferre were allowed to go on the road. We also came across a beautiful knotted willow, as you can see from this picture with the Mushroom Gnome.

Sometimes we came across some nice places that were a bit too high for my little person, then it is always convenient to have my husband around.


bag with creations
Mushroom Gnome
Ama and Nita

Being outdoors!


It's a wonderful combination of being outdoors, taking a walk, enjoying nature and taking fun pictures of my creations. We will soon decide where to take my creations next!

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