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A day at the beach!

A day at the beach

A (windy) day at the beach!


Last year we (my husband and I) went to the beach during the summer holidays. I grew up in Den Helder and every year I have to go to the beach and the sea. But if you've been following me for a while, this is old news!


We have been going to a holiday home in Sint Maartenszee for years. A wonderfully quiet place, if you take the bike you are on the beach in minutes! If you take the car and drive a little further south, you'll be on the beach of Petten. If you drive more north, you will automatically arrive in Den Helder.


Kop van Noord Holland

Hot Chocolate


The week we were in Sint Maartenszee we experienced different types of weather. Sunny, to sit outside or take a sunny walk along the beach. But we also had rain and a lot of wind. But, hey, I wanted to go to the beach at any weather and it worked out very well!


One time we were surprised by the rain and were soaking wet, but then there is nothing better than drinking a hot chocolate with whipped cream!


Claudia aan het uitwaaien
chocolademelk met slagroom

Beach of Den Helder


This year I also had a bag of creations with me to do a photoshoot at the beach. We drove to Den Helder and walked the Hengstepad. The Hengstepad is a path of about a kilometre to the beach-entrance that we used to take when we went to the beach when I lived in Den Helder. It can only be reached by foot or by bike. The first part through the dunes and heath-land is a large free-range field for dogs. Then you walk along the Dark Dunes (a pine forest) further to the beach.


It had rained the day before, so the sand was a bit harder. It was partly cloudy, but that too should not stand in the way of the fun.

It was wonderfully quiet on the beach. Good weather to take a walk along the beach. I picked a nice spot with some helmet, if you looked up the dunes and from the other side you could obviously see the sea.


Tas met creaties

Shoes filled with sand


My bag of creations could be opened. Besides Franklin, I had also brought the seagulls and the flamingos. Two days before, I had crocheted a shell. I had filled the shell with my tankini, I didn't need it anyway with this weather!


Every now and then I had to ask my husband if he could move a little, because then he was clearly in the way! I sat on my knees a lot and laid flat to take pictures as low as possible, with the result that my pants had become wet and green and my shoes were full of sand. But I am very satisfied with the pictures. I have chosen some of them, there are many more! I hope you like them too!


Franklin op het strand
Flamingo aan het strand

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