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Why did I choose a goat?

Blog why a goat

The story behind Milton James, Steampunk Goat.


Why did I choose to make a goat and not a nice looking dog for Franklin and Victoria, will you ask!?!


That choice has everything to do with this picture.

This is opa Lucas, the grandfather of my grandfather, with his goat with which he has won prizes. Unfortunately, I never knew opa Lucas myself, but I've heard the stories of my mother and grandpa and grandma. Opa Lucas was a fisherman and was well in his 90s. Until old age he was a member of a walking club and traveled many kilometers. And so one of his hobbies was keeping goats.

His son-in-law and daughter, my mother's grandfather and grandmother, also had a number of goats. I remember the goats were very smelly. Sometimes, not that often though, when I eat goat cheese, I sometimes smell those goats of opa Aart and grandma.


Opa Lucas met bok


Grandpa Lucas's picture with his goat popped up the moment I was thinking, what or who I could make for Franklin and Victoria. And you have to agree, this tough goat is very suitable for going through life as a steampunk goat. It's an unusual pet and that's why it's so much fun for Franklin.


But Milton James also suits myself very well; I'm a Capricorn, just like my dad and my grandmother. We all have our own will and can be a bit stubborn!

My grandmother also gave me her jewelry with a Capricorn, every now and then I run into them when I'm rooting in my jewelry box. 😉


Milton James 2x


I crocheted Milton James twice. The first time with Royal of Zeeman, the second time with Yarn & Colors Charming, a stonewashed yarn. For his goatee, beard and hair I wanted something rough and tough and I chose Lammy Yarn's Fourrure. But of course you can use any other fluffy yarn you want.


I made him two bags to go on his back. He'd love to go out with Franklin Forge. Then those bags are super handy for when they find something on their way!


Milton James can also choose whether to put his glasses on his head or put his hat on. But it can also be both, as you see in Marion's picture!

Wilma crocheted Milton James with Tweed of Zeeman, so he would be big to, just as her Franklin!


Milton James Marion
Milton James Wilma

Would you like to make Milton James yourself? You can find the pattern on my website, link below, or in my Etsy or Ravelry shop.

Now I'm going to have to come up with something fun for Victoria to crochet! If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear it! 🧡

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