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The nose of the Easter Bunny!

The nose of the Easter Bunny

The nose of the Easter Bunny! 


As you may know, I have a pallet hanging in the living room. I painted these with white chalk paint, my husband has made an extra shelf. Two stone buttons are attached to hang creations on top right. Every season I change what's standing and hanging in my pallet. So my Jumping Jack Santa Claus and Christmas Elf, just like my Jumping Jack Witch and Scarecrow, are very suitable to hang on my pallet.


I specially designed my Beach and Sea set to put in my pallet. A little summer and beach at my house! But I didn't have anything for Easter to hang in my pallet. I do have something to stand on the shelf, like the Easter trio, but nothing to hang up yet.


Pallet Christmas
Pallet Beach and Sea

Start Crocheting!

So I'm working on a pattern for Easter right now. The idea is in my head, even if I draw it, it looks nice on paper. But the execution leaves a lot to be desired! I'm working on an Easter bunny, I'm happy with the body, satisfied with the legs, happy with the ears, but if I put everything together I don't like it at all!!


It’s not the first time that I am not satisfied with a creation. If that happens I just put it on the closet, in plain sight, and I walk around it for a few days, until I know what I want to change.


But now I don't like it so much. Should I change the colour or the shape of the nose or both? Or am I going to hang it and get stuck to my Easter chicken? I think I will do that first, it's going to be okay in the end, I hope.


Paas chicken


My chicken caused far fewer problems with making and putting it together. Maybe it's also because I only used 3 colours, white, red and yellow.

It’s the Easter Bunny’s turn again. The ears are now much closer together, on top of the head. No, I still don't really like it. 

The nose, mouth and whiskers have to come off. I just start over again!


I redesigned the nose and crocheted it with a different colour. Also the mouth is done differently and I have taken other material for the whiskers. The Easter Bunny has also been given a sweet bow tie and a carrot. And guess what? I like him!! I hope you do too!



Now I have to type and test the pattern and then you can find the Easter hangers on my website and Etsy and Ravelry. 💗💗


It was all about the nose of the Easter Bunny!!


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