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Funny Girl

If you ever have read my previous blogs then you know that I can be inspired by everything. Before I started to design Amigurumi's, I already made creations modeled from clay and wood pulp. The clothes were often sewn, but sometimes I also crocheted the clothes. My first designing!


The doll makers who inspired me most were Jos Lambregts, for her puppets, Marlaine Verhelst for her refined expressions in the face and use of colors, and Willemijn van der Spiegel, for including nature in and among her creations.


Jos Lambregts marionet
Marlaine Verhelst
Willemijn van der Spiegel Clowns


The creations of Willemijn van der Spiegel first had sculpted heads, hands and feet, the body was made of textile. Later her creations gradually changed to impregnated textile creations.

Her book Clowns & Co inspired me to make Funny Guy. I first figured out his name, then I started to think about how he should look. And what would he be doing to make people laugh? Juggling, always funny!


That is why Funny Guy has a frame of electricity wire in his body. This way he has a firm body which is able to juggle 3 balls.

In the back of his jacket I crocheted around thin iron wire, so that the jacket cheerfully pops up! Funny Guy was a fact!


Funny Guy


A nice thing about the Dutch language is that we have several names to give pranksters. Funny Guy is in Dutch Grapjas, something like: he is as funny as his coat. And we have Grapjurk: she is so funny as her dress. They belong together in the Dutch language. But it took me a year and a half before I finally created her.


In my mind she was already there. In February of this year I bought her fake eyelashes. In the local yarn shop I spotted her hair. I would give her a colourful dress. I have chosen to give her a fake flower. You will never know if water comes out when you smell it. Funny Girl can be made without a frame of electricity wire in her body, just put something in her neck.


On my Facebook page and website you could follow what I was creating and if she was almost ready. I received such nice comments!


Have you seen the Funny Girls of the ladies who tested her? All three so beautiful and so different!



Now that I’ve made Funny Girl and Funny Guy I also have to make “Lolbroek” (he is as funny as his trousers). But I don’t know how long it will take me to create him. But he’s already in the back of my mind...

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