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Summer is coming!

Farmer Hank

This weekend I heard it! Summer is coming!


I was in the garden with my family drinking coffee when I heard the typical sharp sound of the swallow. I looked up and saw not just one but several swallows. You know how the saying goes: ”One swallow doesn’t make a summer.” It promises a good summer.



Did you hear the sound of summer yet? Turn the sound on and listen:



This is the common swift.  Mid-April-beginning of May they arrive in our country, after having spent the winter in the large area between Mali and Congo. In late summer they go away again to South West to South East.

Eating, drinking and sleeping is done in the air. The flight is alternating with fast, deep wing beats and long sliding or gliding flights. While flying they can achieve speeds of 120 km per hour. And that for a bird of about 16 cm long with a wingspan of 42 cm. Often you will see them in groups, pursuing each other and producing  the typical screaming sound.




About two years ago when I saw the swallows fly around I figured that it would be nice to the use the swallow in a creation. Looking up images/photos of swallows, I came across a really nice barn swallow.


Picture is from Rob Bouwman


That’s how my Barn Swallow was born, a peasant with blue pants, blue jacket and a white shirt, just like the belly of the barn swallow. Further decorated with wooden shoes, woollen socks from real socks wool, a handkerchief and a cap in the shape of the head of a swallow. He is largely crocheted out of one piece and about 21 cm in size.


Later I readjusted the barn swallow and made him into Farmer Hank. Farmer Hank has a cap on and a box with cauliflower. Off course Farmer Hank has its own story:


Farmer Hank lives at al large farm where he grows crops like cauliflower. Farmer Hank loves watching birds. His favourite bird is the Barn Swallow. They make their nests in his barn and they are true acrobats in the sky. From April until October they live in the Netherlands and summer is coming!

That is why, once a year, farmer Hank wears his special Swallow hat and shawl, and celebrates a nice summer!



That you do not have to create a traditional Farmer Hank proves this beautiful Vintage Farmer Hank by Martine De Schepper.


Vintage Farmer Hank

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