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Beach and Sea

Beach and Sea

I grew up in Den Helder (The Netherlands). Very close to the sea and the beach.

You don't have to go by car, for a long time to go to the beach. By bike it was about 10 minutes and then you were at the beach exit.


Wonderful in spring, autumn and winter walking through the dunes and on the beach, searching for shells. If it’s a very windy day you look at the sea and get sandblasted!


In the summer, we were already on the beach at 9.00 o’clock. Then it’s still quiet and the sun is not that hot. We used to catch shrimps as well. At 12.00 o'clock, when the beach is full and it gets very hot, we went home again.



But I no longer live close to the sea, unfortunately!


Every year I have to see the sea and beach again, smell it and feel it! Even Sea sniffing! What you forget easily, is how windy it is at the sea!


So the idea arose to do something with the theme Beach and Sea. But I also wanted to make something new to put down and hang on to my pallet hanging in the living room.

It is a pallet painted with white chalk paint, with an extra plank in it, 2 buttons and some hooks. So I designed something that is not too big and something to hung.


I am very satisfied with my Seagulls, Lifebuoys, Ship and Fish. They are very nice on my pallet! A little bit of the beach at my home!  I hope you will like them too.

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