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Eggs and Birds!

Egg warmers



Have you seen them already? The Crazy Eggs egg warmers! It's really ideal to use leftover cotton and fluffy yarn. I made The eyes of felt, with pastel chalk I made edges on the eyes. And with pastel crayons some colour on the cheeks. Another tip: I made the pupils with the help of a hole punch. That way you have very nice round pupils. These Egg warmers look really cute on your breakfast/Easter table!


Wobbly Bird

Action (shop in the Netherlands) is always a nice shop to walk through. Rarely I leave empty-handed. Let me only limit myself to hobby-goodies (the other things have been so much fun too): nice goodies to craft such as ribbons, cotton, beads, scrapbook keys and butterflies, clay, paint, grass mats and a sun chair to use in a photo-shoot with my creations.


Walking through the Action, my eye fell on some nice little birds of metal, with a spring in their bodies so they are able to wobble. Hmmm, if I remove the eyes, wings, tail and beak, there is an egg shape with bird paws left. Fun!


Ah poor little bird, so bare, you soon get dressed! A body, a head, a beak, two wings and three tail feathers and this bird looks quite different. The eyes are also wobbling!


The free pattern can be found in my Free Patterns on the website and in the group Crochet Along with CB’s Creations.


Did you guys already see them wobble?

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