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Building a website? I want to crochet!


I have been busy building a new website since early March. I already had some sort of website build around my blog, but I didn't have enough space to expand it. So seeking  help from my youngest son, he is our man to go to when it comes to ICT matters! He has sorted out what would be the best webhost for me. So I joined the web host where I am now making my website, blog and webshop. So I am so busy with crochet related thing, but I’m not crocheting.


Building a website is a bit more work than the advertisements make you believe. It's very educational! I now know a lot more about SEO, Funnels and Call to Action! Something else than SC, DC and Back Loops Only!


In between I was making a few projects, including some free patterns and then it's pretty hard not to have a blog to tell about it and put my free pattern on so everyone can download it.


Fortunately I do have a Facebook page (CB’s Creations) and a Facebook group (Crochet Along with CB’s Creations)! The patterns of the Crazy Egg warmers and the Wobbly Bird can be found on my group on Facebook, but now also on my website! Yes!  


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