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Pedr the Viking

May I introduce you to Pedr the Viking?


A while back I talked in my blog about that I wanted to design a Wildman/Viking sometime. And I finally started. Inspired by TV-series the Vikings, I also went to see pictures of Wickie the Viking, a comic book show I used to watch with my brother. Or What do you think of the movie: How to Train Your dragon?


I wanted to make a tough looking Viking with a wild beard. I therefore mainly looked at the Father of Wickie the Viking and the father of Hiccup, in combination with Ragnar Lothbrok. And my Viking was born.

Pedr is armed with a knife, an axe and a shield. He has a fur coat and a helmet with horns. Real Vikings had no horns on their helmets, but because Pedr is my creation and we both are very stubborn, he has horns on his helmet!

He may look fierce, in real he is very kind!


But why Pedr?

I like to figure out my family tree. During that search I discovered a distant ancestor through my father’s side.  Pedr Hansson (noted as Pieter Hansen), born about in 1748 and hailed from Graça-Dyb in Denmark. In 1781, Pedr was married in Amsterdam to Magdalena Wilkens. So I have a little bit of Viking blood in me...

Pedr the Viking

Would you like to crochet Pedr the Viking yourself? With the button below you go directy to his pattern:

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