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Franklin Forge: Oh, I'm in love!!

The story of Franklin continues…



I’ll come right to the point! I have seen her today for the first time, I looked in her eyes and Oh, I'm in love! I am getting a marvelous lady as my girlfriend. I  believe I like everything about her, her eyes, her hair, and I believe that Claudia gave her a nice character while crocheting! I hardly can’t wait until she will be completely finished! Would it be possible that she likes me as well?!? I hope so! 



Last week the Winter CAL of IJsbrand the Bear was announced and since last Sunday you can find the list of materials on the facebook group: Crochet Along with CB's Creations. Did you know this group has already over 900 members! I'm very curious how many IJsbrands will be made!

And some fun news: Woolys, De Online Haakwinkel (online crochet/yarnshop) from Ewijk in the Netherlands has made packages with cotton yarn to crochet IJsbrand. How lovely is that! 



From October 31 until November 4 there was the KreaDoe in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. It’s the biggest creative fair in the Netherlands with all kinds of crafts etc. On the opening day Claudia went to the fair as a visitor with Funnie Fezz pinned to her bag. Tired but satisfied she came home again! She had met some nice people. And as I predicted, she came home with a bag full of yarn! And much more!  



Halloween has passed and now we look forward to the other special days to come. On November 11th, we celebrate Sint Maarten in the Netherlands. Children go door to door, with their fun colorful lanterns to collect a lot of sweets.

On December 5th we celebrate the birthday of Sinterklaas. You could read about it in the previous blog. And then 20 days later it’s Christmas.

Maybe you also like to participate in the Mini CAL of the Christmas Funnies that Claudia will be hosting in week 48 and 49. The Funnies family expands, this time with the Christmas Funnies. The Mini CAL can be found in this same blog, look under: Mini CAL Christmas Funnies.

A nice thing about the Funnies is that you can place them on top of the lid of a jar or on top of a LED-ball!!



Greetings of Franklin!

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