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Franklin Forge: Holding Hands...


The Story of Franklin: Holding hands!



Normally at the end of me telling about my adventures at CB's Creations I tell you something about my future girlfriend, but this time I will start with news about her! As you can see on the picture I am holding her hand! I'm a little bit upside down from it. Such a fun little hand with finger-less gloves and. .. There are such nice arms to those hands. I have heard that she wants a manicure first, but I think she already looks great! Little by little my future girlfriend gets more and more shape. But having to wait, takes a long time! 



Have you seen the latest creation by Claudia? Noelle, a little Christmas angel! Imagined, designed and worked out sometime in May and June of this year. But you can’t start too early with Christmas, right?! If you give her a nice message, she gets a very personal touch. Claudia has made her with a Styrofoam cone, but even without a cone you can make the pattern. The three ladies who tested the pattern, all made their own Noelle, 3 different Angels, they are so much fun! 



Also I saw that Claudia has posted the announcement for the Winter CAL. Crocheting a fun polar bear together! IJsbrand loves snow a lot, but he gets cold very fast, so he dresses warmly! For this Winter CAL a special group is created: Crochet Along with CB's Creations. The doors of the group are open, so anyone who feels like crocheting IJsbrand together is most welcome.  The CAL starts on 21 December and lasts for 5 weeks. Every part stays 1 week on the group, with the exception of part 1, which remains 2 weeks. So make sure you download the parts on time, because after a week the parts are gone!

But what she didn’t expected was the number of members in the group, in one day already 500 members. And what an enthusiastic responses from everybody! She is glad Marion, Wilma and Martine are there to help her!  



Did you know that it's still 6 weeks and then it is Sinterklaas’s birthday! Time flies. Have you already created a wish list?  And what’s on it? I don't have that much to be desired, maybe a pair of socks for when it’s getting really cold. J (Sinterklaas is a feast for children, celebrating the name day of Saint Nicholas, children are getting a lot of presents on December 5th



Next Wednesday, on Halloween-day, the KreaDoe starts again. Hobby-fun for five days. Claudia will also visit the KreaDoe and she has something fun figured out for you all. Keep a close eye on her Facebook page! She will be bringing a bag full of skeins home, for sure, to create even more creations! 



Until next time!



Greetings from Franklin.

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