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Franklin Forge: Pssst, I'm getting a girlfriend!

It has been such a long time that Claudia has written something that I have taken over from her! I will first introduce myself for who doesn’t know me already.



My name is Franklin Forge, Mr. Franklin Forge! I'm a Steampunk Elf and living in a little old train station for many years. I'm totally fond of steam engines and very fascinated by clocks and time.


Do you see my pocket watch? This is very dear to me and it has been given to me by the first train conductor of this station. Every day I walk my rounds to make sure everything is running in time,  here at the station.



Yes, I know that I am a creation of Claudia. She has tried to use her modelling techniques in crocheting and then there I was. And I have to say: I am very pleased with myself. I'm also proud on the fact that I'm the reason that CB's Creations was created in May 2017.  My picture is on her profile picture for her Facebook page and my picture is on her business cards!



Since May 2017 many more creations were created, some make me laugh, like Funny Guy and ROFL!. Some make me frown my (imaginary) eyebrow: those Crazy Eggs, crazy guys! Wick is a good guy, he always brings a light in the darkness! It is a crazy bunch over here with the frogs, dogs, mice, moles and pigs. There is even a pig that has its own rocket. It shouldn’t get any crazier!



Do you know for example that one of Claudia's creations ended up in the American Crochet Calendar 2019?  Baseballer Bobby Joe, the sportiest of us all. And that there will be some nice collaborations in the future?



But do you know the most amazing news? I don’t know whether I can tell you already ... ... I am getting a girlfriend!!!! 

It is pretty lonely, so on my own in the train station, and so I am extra glad that I no longer will be alone. I have Claudia already see running around with all kinds of yarn and cotton etcetera. I also secretly looked over her shoulder when she was making notes in her crochet booklet. I'm so curious! I hope she will be a nice lady! And that she is also a bit into Steampunk. For now, I have to wait, but I'll keep you posted. 



Greetings from Franklin

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