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Do you remember him?

May I introduce you to Alwin Oakleaf, Catcher of Dreams!



Alwin his father is a faun and his mother is a troll. He lives in the woods near a great old Oaktree.  At night he wanders around to catch bad dreams. In the morning these bad dreams slip off his dreamcatcher and they desiccate in the morning sun. Sometimes he leaves a magical acorn behind, so you’ll know he stopped by… 


In one of my previous blogs I showed a picture of this man. A creation I started but I didn’t know what to do with him next. Weeks, maybe months he was present in the living room so I could see him and maybe I would get some inspiration, so I could finish him.  Later on he moved to the bedroom, I still could see him, but not as often.  



I crocheted him with Royal acrylic yarn of ‘Zeeman’ with crochet hook 3. The head is pretty big. My husband thought it a good idea to leave it like that, a head on a pedestal!  ‘That is a nice idea’, I thought, ‘but I want a body to go with it.’ If I wanted to make a body for him, he would be very big and tall.

So idea number one popped up: I would make him again but this time with cotton yarn and crochet hook 2,5. But what next…  


I already had the idea of making him into a kind of faun, like Mister Tumnus of Narnia, but completely different! I also had made a sketch of his head. You can see I deviated from the sketch a bit.

What if I would make him half a troll and half a faun? A creation with horns, hairy legs and big bare feet! On the internet I even found him a name, based on his horns: Alwin Rapidhorn. A creation without a name is no creation, right? But names can change…



Searching for inspiration on the internet I ended up on Pinterest and saw a few special and interesting pictures. One of them was a very interesting lady with a sceptre with a dreamcatcher of Bryan Syme. That would be perfect for Alwin, a sceptre with a dreamcatcher!



Now he had arms, legs, hair made of a piece of fur of an old coat of my grandmother and a sceptre, but he still had an exposed upper body.



I really think he is a creature that lives in the woods, so soon I came up with the idea to give him a jacket of leaves, oak leaves to be precisely. Another acorn to make it a perfect picture.


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