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Who taught you to crochet?

Regularly I see this question on Crochet groups. A lot of the ladies and gentlemen taught themselves from books and instructions from YouTube. Others were taught at school or by family members, mostly their mother or grandmother.



I learned how to crochet from my grandmother Van’t Veld and her neighbour Aunt Aartje.



My grandmother was always crocheting and knitting, I found that so interesting that I wanted to learn as well. I must be a year of 6 or 7 and was staying at my grandfather and grandmother for a school holiday. My grandmother did her best to teach me, we started of very well, to make a chain was easy. After that I didn’t get the hang of it as fast, both headstrong and stubborn, it ended with me going to her neighbour with my crochet hook and yarn. 



The granddaughter of neighbour aunt Aartje was visiting her grandmother as well. Petra was as old as I was and together we took a crochet lesson from grandmother/aunt Aartje. In the evening I could show my grandmother the new stitches I had learned, after that she could help me if I had trouble with some stitches. My first doilies were made! My grandmother had lots of instruction and pattern books of Durable. If I remember correctly, after that, I crocheted some squares and made them into slippers!



My grandmother didn’t stop making Amigurumi for my brother and me, after I could crochet myself. In those days nobody had heard of Amigurumi, it was called crocheted or knitted stuffed animals. She made me a crocheted bag as well. I also have 3 knitted world citizens my grandmother made for me. My brother and I, both , have a Granny square blanket, made by our grandmother. My brothers blanket has red as main colour, mine dark brown. Unfortunately she got sore hands and bad eyes later in her life, so she couldn’t knit and crochet anymore. 



My mother is a good in crocheting and knitting too. She made little Barbie dresses for me. I even have a Barbie dress a neighbour made for me, when I was little. My mother was trained to be a tailor/dressmaker and made a lot of our clothes herself and I could crochet a nice sweater for the both of us!



As of last year I infected my mother with the crochet virus again. After a wreath, a beanie, a scarf, a Cosy blanket and a shawl, she has tried a pattern which I designed. And what a nice Nutcracker soldier he has become!!



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