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From idea to creation Final Part

How do I turn the ideas in my head into real creations? It is always something different that inspires me. So almost each creation will be designed in a different way than the other.

Without inspiration I can not make a creation. Inspiration can come in many different ways.



Inspiration comes from everywhere and nowhere!


It is obvious that I get my inspiration from everywhere and nowhere. If I watch a movie with a funny character, my head/mind is busy to figure out how I can make a crocheted creation of it. On top of my bookcase I have a wooden Pinocchio, reason enough to make a crocheted one.

Working on the Egg Brothers, I was looking for something to make dark glasses, but then you wouldn’t see his eyes. When I saw a colored lid of a cup of yogurt, I immediately thought of sunglasses. Flower power sunglasses, a flower power girl, a kind of Janis Joplin…



An old classmate of mine changed her profil picture on Facebook, that resulted in making Linnette.



My oldest sun purchased a book about Vaesen (creatures from Norse folklore). The book contains such beautiful drawings, you can guess it already, I can’t wait to make one of them!

Watching the Vikings series, I get ideas how my Nordman must look like. And an Inuit is also on my to do list.



I have an old stuffed toy monkey on my bookshelf, I would love to make a crocheted version of him one day. Last Christmas I saw some cute little Christmas figurines and yes I am going to make these the crocheted way, hopefully before the next Christmas!



Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to get inspiration…

For a while now, I have a crocheted head with horns. But how to continue?



I want to make Mister Tumnus of Narnia, but totally different J. I am trying to figure out how to make his legs, but in the meantime I get distracted by every other inspiration that comes along. 



Happy Crocheting!! 

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