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From idea to creation Part 1

How do I turn the ideas in my head into real creations? It is always something different that inspires me. So almost each creation will be designed in a different way than the other.

Without inspiration I can not make a creation. Inspiration can come in many different ways. The idea to start CB’s Creations came to me through modelling with clay. Crocheting and modelling with clay? Yes!

The inspiration to create Mr. Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf.


As long as I can remember, I am always busy with some kind of arts and crafts: drawing and coloring, crocheting, embroidery, mosaics, stained glass, tiffany, making wreaths with different materials, making teddy bears, decoupage. I even tried to paint for a little while. I also made dolls and other creations with clay.


When you create a face with clay it is usually done in a fixed order of steps, everytime with a different outcome. I had a lot of fun crocheting patterns from others (and I still do that from time to time), but I wanted to come up with something of my own.


Would it be possible to use the clay modelling techniques to create a face while crocheting? Yes it can be done! That is how Mr. Franklin Forge came into my world. I started to build his face. This voodoo face, all elements were pinned in place, was posted on Facebook in some crochet related groups (mostly American groups). I got a lot of nice and funny comments, some of them thought he looked like a character from Harry Potter. Most of the house elfs from Harry Potter do not wear that much clothes, so that didn’t attract me. But he certainly would become an elf! An elf wearing clothes, but barefoot.

My creations don’t have to be toys, to be played with, so I made a frame for the body of  electricity wire (supplied by my dear husband). This way the elf can stand on his own.

My oldest son suggested a steampunk theme and I created matching clothes. Together we looked on the internet for an appropriate name, which wasn’t used by someone else: Mr. Franklin Forge, Steampunk Elf.    

At the Design Contest of Amigurumi Patterns he got hold of a nice 99th place. Not bad, if you know that there were more than 700 participants.


Just by looking at Franklin Forge, you can see that I got my inspiration, for different elements, from different sources.


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